Wednesday, February 06, 2008

a new challenge

Lent starts today.
The lent challenge, can I live on $6 a day? Many people do. The SPCW illustrates with this pamphlet the living conditions that many Manitobans face when they need to rely on social welfare.

So here begins my attempt to live/meet my needs for 40 day on $6/day.
2 predictions for the outcome:
The unfair advantages:
The rules:
  1. Use cash only and cash can be advanced one week at a time.
  2. Transportation to and from work is not impacted by this challenged.
  3. Prior financial commitments are excluded from the $6 budget (i.e. bills, gym pass, autopac payments, volleyball, etc.)
  4. Just give it an honest go and keep a log on this blog. We will see how things go.
The exceptions:
Everything that I think I need, I hope my 6 bucks will do. If I quit or can't complete, I'll let you know.

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